Wednesday, March 12, 2014



went to okinawa in the middle of january this year
this trip was pretty random. like all my trips? 
january isnt the best month for okinawa. actually i didnt know that. my friend was leaving to go back to ukraine on the same day so not wanting to sit around kyoto all day i went to okinawa
also i was pretty tired of everything and just wanted to go to a faraway random place
like always 

one of my roommates found this camping lodge 
its in the north part of okinawa, not too far from nago
on top of a mountain 
overlooking the ocean
thats what got me to go

the place is called

theres no way youll get there 
so you make reservations with them and they pick you up from the nearest bus stop
and also drop you off there whenever you want to leave the village

the entire village was built  by the owners 
they also do their own gardening 
and personally cook for you breakfast and dinner 

damn the food was good 

some sort of delicious okinawan tofu

and that purple thing on top of the macaroni salad
is local okinawan potato - beniimo ♡
i fell in love it was so delicious
so much that on the last night there
when asked what i wanted for dinner
i said just alot of beniimo 
and they had alot. because they grow it

i slept in a tipi

they also got  a bar there
and theres always music playing in the village
stuff like
japanese reggae 
and nujabes
its such a perfect place

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