Saturday, March 3, 2012


yesterday me and Tanya went to Japan week at Grand Central
we walked around looking at all the brochures 
and we had some takoyaki, which we accidentally dropped right away lol
but the lady was nice enough to give us a second for free ^^

we didn't know what else to do
so we decided to go to the Aziatix concert since it was the only thing we knew was going on 
we went to union square.. and realized we dont like aziatix that much lol
so we just went to St. Marks haha

we went to Japadog !! 


it was gooood
i'll be coming back to try all of their hotdogs !! haha

and after we went to TKettle for some bubble tea ^- ^
I looove how they put it in jars !!!

i had the winter special
Hot milk with brown sugar and herb jelly!

chocolate bubble waffle
it was really undercooked... but yummmm

and today its a rainy day
and we're going to a Korean spaaaa
^ ^

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